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Poinsettia & Potted Plant Sale 

Apparel Sale

Glen Rock Little League is proud to announce its 2021 12U Cooperstown Team (roster below). The team will have the opportunity to make the pilgrimage to the Cooperstown Dreams Park in early August 2021 – a special destination and an ultimate goal for many young baseball players. From now until then the team is focused on training and fundraising.

There are three fundraisers currently underway – (1) a Poinsettia and potted plant sale;  (2) Flamingo Flocking; and (3) Apparel Sale. The boys have partnered with Perry’s Florist to bring some joy to the community during the holiday season by selling poinsettias and potted cyclamen plants. Additionally, if want to flock your friends with Flamingos…..don’t fret, we can make it happen! Do it all in style and purchase some GR Baseball & Softball apparel.

Please consider supporting the team by ordering your holiday poinsettia/plant today, sign up to flock a neighbor, or purchase some apparel.  For those unfamiliar with flocking, pick a neighbor that will get a kick out of waking up to 20 pink flamingos on their front lawn in the morning!  To support any of the fundraisers, please go to www.glenrockll.org/12u and sign up.

Team Roster:

John Colonna #8

Matthew Heenan #18

Noah Jacobs #45

Michael Lacey #7

Wyatt Morrissey #21

Charlie Schlett #24

Even Settlow #42

Milo Smith #4

Jack Spitaleri #98

Daniel Stutzke #28

Evan Yuzon #27

Any support that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Go Rock!