GRBSA History



History of the GRBSA

The GRBSA first began in 1955 with a single baseball league comprised of six teams. Thirteen years later in 1968 the organization was incorporated, having 5 trustees. Today the GRBSA has 7 officers and 10 members-at-large for a total of 17 voting members.

Through the years, the GRBSA has continued to grow. In 1970, the softball program was added; in 2002 the PeeWee Baseball league was separated into the 1st grade and 2nd grade leagues, and night games for the Senior league were scheduled under the lights at the Upper Faber field. In 2004, the softball program created the “TeeWee” league by combining Kindergarten and 1st graders. In fact, the GRBSA Tee Ball and TeeWee leagues are the most popular of the programs! Today, the Tee Wee Program is split into two leagues. Tee Wee K and Tee Wee 1st.

Today the GRBSA is comprised of 11 Recreational programs with 6 baseball leagues and 5 softball leagues, with enrollment over 750 children, 5 through 14 years of age.

In addition, the GRSBA sponsors Travel programs in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The Travel Programs are much more competitive, in which GRBSA teams compete against teams from other towns. The GRBSA Travel programs support teams in age categories from 8 to 17 years of age.

In 2013, the name of the organization was officially changed to the Glen Rock Baseball & Softball Association, or GRBSA.

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Past Presidents

1952-1955 Hugh Dovey 1956-1958 Edward Kraebel 1959 Dan Higdon
1960-1961 Bob O’Hara 1962-1963 Jack Tully 1964-1966 Jim Glass
1967 George Kramer 1968-1969 H. R. Muse 1970-1971 Harry Flynne
1972-1973 Al Nelson 1974-1977 Ralph Trotta 1978 Van Freier
1979-1980 Richard Dolan 1981 Bob Callahan 1982-1984 Michael Leible
1985-1986 Bob Fisher 1987-1991 Hal Corney 1992 Kevin McElroy
1993 Shel Hirshberg 1994-1995 Jim Boyan 1996-1997 Ted Burke
1998-1999 Artie Pazan 2000 Jack Szymanski 2001-2002 – Ed D’Alessio
2003-2004 Steve Mickolajczyk 2005-2006 Ken Palmer 2007-2010 Joe Frissora
2011-2012 Rob Famularo 2013-14 Bruce Packer 2015 Jim Leonard

Recreation Vice Presidents

Baseball Softball
1997 Ted Burke 1996-1997 Fran Indoe
1998-1999 Jack Szymanski 1998-1999 Jim Surrago
2000-2001 Casey Coughlin 2000-2001 Diane Glass
2002-2003 Ken Palmer 2002-2003 Alison Lohr
2004-2006 Joe Frissora 2004-2005 Jim Sietsma
2007-2009 Patrick Whyte 2006-2007 Tim Keller
2010-2013 Tom Kramer 2008-13-Joe Micele
2014- 18 Marc Sturiale

2019- Bryan Kule

2014- 17 Sandy Fish

2017 – 18 Russ Patane

2019- Roman Vaccari

Travel Vice Presidents

Baseball Softball
1997 Joe Rose 1997 Joe Rose
1998-99 Joe Rivara 1998-99 Anthony DiIenno
2000-2001 Steve Kenny 2000-2001 Peter Ilenko
2002 Steve Mickolajczyk 2002 Darlene Assainte
2003-2004 Gary Speranza 2003 Jim Sietsma
2005 Marc Radin 2004-2010 Bob Machi
2006-2008 Dan Patasnik 2011-14 Rick Byrd
2009-2010 Darrell Felsenstein 2015- Chuck Dietrich
2011-2012 Tom Smith
2013-14 Bill Kennedy
2015-16 Joe Ernst

2017-18 Joe Zamparelli

2018- Present Joe Youngberg