Coaches – General Info

The GRBSA safety manual can be found HERE.

Rutgers Safety Training Course: This course is conducted on the first Thursday evening of every month at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood to reserve a seat (1-800-825-5391) or visit HERE.  For other times or locations, call Rutgers Safety directly at 732-932-7178. The course costs approximately $35.  Once you have completed this session you are certified for life. (Required)

It is Glen Rock Baseball & Softball Association (GRBSA) policy that all association participants — players, parents, coaches, umpires, spectators and administrators — have a right to a safe and fun experience, free from abuse (physical, emotional and sexual) and violence, in all association activities.

For further information, we refer you to two excellent websites:

National Alliance for Youth Sports

Positive Coaching Alliance

Coaching skill videos are available at the Glen Rock Public Library for baseball and softball. Topics covered: pitching, hitting, and defensive skills. The Library also has several books of interest to coaches and players.

Players should wear proper uniforms. Pants should be either black baseball pants or black sweat pants for Junior, Pony and Senior leagues. For Pony and Senior leagues, sliding pants and knee pads are encouraged. Caps are optional.

Please check and clean your equipment regularly (especially catchers mask and helmet). An extra set of catchers equipment will be installed in the Knaack box at the field. Also included will be a medical kit, batting helmets and bases.

Communicate to your players, and their parents, your expectations and guidelines prior to the season, preferably in writing.

Refer to your GRBSA Safety manual for further rules and suggestions.

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Interested in learning more about baseball rules? HERE is a direct link to Jim Booth’s rule pages. Booth is an umpire in California District 3 for The Little League, and he also serves as a rule interpreter for the district. His pages demonstrate the finer points of some of the trickier rules.

There is also a discussion of softball rules at