GRBSA Travel Player Guidelines and Policy

GRBSA Travel Policy


GRBSA Travel Player Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to provide the information about the expectations of the GRBSA Travel Baseball program and to communicate general team requirements. Please review this with your child. Your acknowledgement provides both the player and parental consent to the rules and expectations outlined in this document. Glen Rock Baseball & Softball Association Travel Teams were established to provide an opportunity for advanced competition with the best youth baseball teams in northern New Jersey.

The Glen Rock Baseball & Softball Association travel teams are for those players who:

  1. Have Fun !!!
  2. Love the game of baseball and are willing to give 100% at all times
  3. Are able to listen, display a positive attitude, are committed to becoming their very best
  4. Travel players are the ultimate “Team Player”, they are willing to play ANY field position as deemed appropriate by the team manager
  5. Be enthusiastic about the success of their teammates and team, as they will be for their  own success
  6. View participation in GRBSA Travel  as an opportunity to learn both on and off the field


  1. Attend practices and games at scheduled times and/or time requested by the coaches. If one cannot attend, parents will notify the coaches in advance.
  2. The team manager has sole responsibility for all decisions on the playing field. Positions are earned by hard work, dedication, hustling, and following the rules outlined by the team.
  3. As players develop at specific positions, they may not be rotated to different positions in the field. The goal is the development of the player; to make a player more comfortable and confident at their established position and to help make the team more cohesive on the field.
  4. Players will remain positive in their attitude toward teammates and coaches AT ALL TIMES and listen attentively when the team manager and/or coaches speak.
  5. Players will ALWAYS respect teammates, opponents, coaches and umpires. Un-sportsmanlike conduct.
  6.  Hustle at times; on and off the field.
  7. Playing time will not be equal for all players.
  8. Players may not leave the bench area during a game, without the permission of one of the coaches.
  9. Players will not take candy or food onto the field or into the dugouts.

Misbehavior will NOT be tolerated.


The Glen Rock Travel Teams are very competitive teams and as such are different from the GRBSA town recreational teams. Playing time will NEVER be equal. It is imperative that both parents and players understand that there is no guarantee with regard to amount of playing time or selected position. There may be occasions when a player does not enter the game at all, or play may be limited to pinch hitting or running. The manager has sole decision-making authority on the field. Players must support the manager’s decisions and rules. Parents do not have to like, or agree with, the manager’s decision, but they must also show their support! Remember, our kids are watching us and will model our behavior. Try to remain positive. If you have a concern, talk it over with the manager away from the kids. If your concerns are not addressed after speaking with the manager first, please contact the VP of  GRBSA Travel Baseball. Let’s remember to have fun!